How to start using DRAGONLEARN.IN

Example tasks

The platform currently contains more than two thousand interactive exercises, laid out in a bright, game format.
Each of them is the result of the teamwork of a large team of professionals: psychologists and methodologists, illustrators and designers, developers and analysts.

Learning process

The learning is based on completing interactive exercises that correspond to the school curriculum and are aimed at getting conceptual understanding rather than factual memorization. The tasks simulate situations from real life, which every child is familiar with. builds a dialogue with the students. The system reacts to the learner’s actions. If the learner answers correctly, the system praises them and suggests new tasks. If they make a mistake, the system asks clarifying questions and help the learner come to the right decision themselves.




Individual approach tracks actions of each student. It takes into account how long they require to complete tasks, how many tasks they solved correctly, the number of mistakes they make, and general behaviour of the student. Based on this information it automatically selects personalised tasks and puts them in order, thereby creating an individual learning path for every student. adapts to those who need more time by giving additional explanations, a greater number of exercises and a guided work on mistakes.


Mathematics courses for the preprimary and primary school have now been added to the platform.

Registration — teacher's reliable assistant

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Diagnostics and monitoring

The teacher receives detailed statistics about each student’s performance. At any time you can find out how many exercises a student has completed, how much time was spent on finishing them, and which exercises and topics caused the most difficulty.

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Teaching in a game format is a great way to make your lessons even more exciting, using tablets, computers or interactive boards in class.

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Individualised teaching personalises teaching and helps teachers to construct individual programmes for each student.